Visit the Kitchen and Learn More About RDC Near-Real-Time!


Accompanying the arrival of OpsEngine’s 24/7 Time Zone Processing update, RDC (Remote Deposit
Capture) Near-Real-Time Posting will speed up the time frame between when members make a deposit to
when it is posted to their account.  Near-Real-Time RDC will be available to any and all credit unions who
utilize eDOC as their RDC vendor, and that post through the OpsEngine RDC Posting Services.

Near-Real-Time, as the name implies, is not instantaneous – transactions still need to be moved between
members, eDOC, and CU*Answers, as well as comply with business rules.  However, the process will still
be much faster than the current batch schedule.

For additional information and documentation on RDC Near-Real-Time, visit the Kitchen
page on the CU*Answers website

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