FSCC Shared Branching

CU*NorthWest offers FSCC interfaces for both issuer and acquirer as native solutions within the CU*BASE Gold core processing platform at no additional cost.  Working with its cuasterisk.com partner CUSO CU*Answers, CU*NorthWest does not charge anything for the interface software or certification and offers ongoing FSCC service with no additional transaction fees.

This is truly a revolutionary offering and one we feel marks yet another milestone in demonstrating the difference of our business model and the industry commitment of the cuasterisk.com network of partners.

CU*BASE GOLD already contains native shared branching capability for credit unions within the network but now offers a native solution for national shared branch networking through FSCC.  CU*NorthWest will capitalize on an agreement reached between CU*BASE GOLD owner CU*Answers and FSCC to allow for both shared branch networks to exist simultaneously without “sub-switching” contract restrictions.

As an additional feature, the FSCC shared branch transactions are included in all BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) tracking within the CU*BASE core product making it one of the first products to extend BSA monitoring to aggregated network activity in addition to native transactions.