Education and Training

In-depth instruction to improve employee capabilities

Dynamic education and training builds confident, capable employees.
     An overriding philosophy at CU*NorthWest is that education represents much more than a passive occurrence between a client and its processing partner. Education and training should be multi-faceted, incorporating a range of learning experiences. A critical component of this process is the opportunity for clients to interact with peers and CU*NorthWest staff.

More than a University.
     CU*NorthWest takes a very serious approach to client education, and delivers it in a variety of ways. Providing classroom education, interactive web training, online courses and focus groups ensures that your credit union will not be left behind. We believe that education is a joint investment between CU*NorthWest and its client to meet the goal of developing power users of the CU*BASE system that are knowledgeable about the credit union industry.

Plan your training.
     Build your own education plan with on-site classes, online University courses, OnDemand courses, Focus Groups, Regional Training and more. Define your training curriculum on your own, or work with one of our Education Specialists to design a comprehensive plan targeted to meet the needs of your credit union. Topics range from CU*BASE Marketing and Sales Tools, Participation Lending Strategies, Getting Started with e-Documents or other current hot button issues in the industry.

Client-Driven Curriculum.
     CU*NorthWest extends additional focused education classes based on a monthly review of client service activity. We then create timely and responsive classes to meet our clients needs each month.

Education and Training Highlights—

  • Five dedicated University Weeks, hosting nearly 75 courses at the Grand Rapids learning center
  • Wide array of web trainings offered— nearly 300 annually
  • Dozens of classes provided via Online University and OnDemand courses
  • Regional User Group sessions scheduled Nationally
  • Individual training at client sites or at one of our education centers
  • Through our partnership with Harland Education Services, a variety of CU*BASE and staff enrichment courses are available through an Internet Training Library
  • Proficiency testing and special tools for customizing a credit union’s training curriculum
  • Regular Focus Groups to discuss key topics of interest
  • Third party sessions from Callahan & Associates, Credit Union Leagues, NACUSO, and others

OnDemand — Training when you need it! At no cost to the credit union, CU*NorthWest provides recorded trainings for you to view on demand. Marketing videos and presentations from special CU*NorthWest events are also available.

Online Help — Whether you are new to CU*BASE, or an experienced user looking for news and updates or a refresher course on features you don’t use often, help is always available. Online Help gives you access to all the latest information about using CU*BASE features. Updated every time the CU*BASE software is enhanced, making this the first point of access to keep your skills in top shape.

AnswerBook — An interactive digital knowledge base available from any CU*BASE workstation providing the opportunity for users to ask questions and view answers on any topic. Clients can search and see what questions other clients are asking or have a question directed to an Expert.

Reference Material — Nobody provides more documentation than CU*NorthWest. Our library of reference material is available online and viewable anytime, day or night, to allow credit union staff to take advantage of education opportunities when it is most convenient for them.

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