In-House Processing


Reasonably priced, state-of-the-art technology in a feature-rich environment.

In-House clients use the CU*BASE processing system, providing the features and functionality of “traditional” in-house solutions, in a more cost effective manner. The foundation for providing this core solution is the IBM® System i for Business server and its fully integrated DB2 relational database, providing access to every CU*BASE data field. Users get industry-leading technology and unrivaled customer satisfaction, enabling you to focus on managing your credit union, not your servers and databases.

The right partner in today’s processing environment.

Choosing the right processing partner and the right technology are critical success factors for survival in today’s demanding economic environment. CU*NorthWest offers the right tools at the right price to enable you to remain strong, viable, and competitive. Rely on your partners at CU*NorthWest to help you grow your credit union, with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

The CU*BASE Difference

Our In-House solution offers a credit union, or group of credit unions the ability to be shared processors. The key is that CU*BASE provides identical functionality across all delivery methods, and allows credit unions the flexibility to pick and choose, and even move from one delivery method to another based upon a credit union’s business plan.

Unlike many competitive solutions, CU*BASE is not a “subset” of our flagship product. As a result, all of our clients can take advantage of system enhancements as they are made for no additional charge.

Ease of use.

CU*BASE incorporates a graphical Windows-style interface to facilitate the ease of navigation, training of staff, and providing great member service. By properly architecting and orchestrating the key components of presentation, business logic, data and networked delivery, CU*BASE is able to provide a consistent user experience throughout the entire product suite.


Server farms are not needed with our solution. With its unique architecture, the IBM® System i for Business can run Windows, Java, XML, Websphere, Unix and other applications on the same server, allowing new technology and functionality to be integrated without forcing new skill requirements on your staff. You can access information when you need it, from wherever you need it.


A single server may be sized to run either a 3,000 member credit union, or a CUSO with nearly 1.5 million members. Each server requires only a fraction of the total throughput available in the System i for Business product line. This provides tremendous scalability, enabling you to meet the growing needs of your credit union.

Reliability and security.

CU*BASE on the System i for Business has historically provided > 99.99% uptime for our credit union owners/clients. Moreover, a System i for Business server has never been infected by a virus. Tiered security levels within the operating system and within CU*BASE ensure the highest level of confidentiality. CU*BASE also features the CU*NorthWest network, a virtual private network for secure, high speed access to business partners, as well as support and education resources.


In today’s marketplace, business continuity and disaster recovery are integral parts of every credit union’s business plan. As an In-House processor, you can deploy a tiered redundancy strategy, ranging from facility management to a fully integrated and automated data replication disaster recovery plan that surpasses other “traditional” solutions.