ASP Processing


Powerful capabilities with minimal up-front costs.

The Applications Service Provider (ASP) model offers you a broad palette of enterprise processing services with minimal up-front costs. You get a private network with a secured, high-speed link enabling clients to access select business partners, virtual education, technical and client support services. CU*NorthWest can also help you manage data communications and network security, while providing a single delivery channel for services such as online banking, audio response, ATM/debit, and credit cards.

Secure network design and operation.

The ASP model features TCP/IP networking, popular LAN/WAN server technology, CISCO communication routers, and firewall security to provide automated system balancing and controls. To ensure maximum efficiency, the ASP option is architected to be physically separate from CU*NorthWest Programming, Quality Control and Internal Processing networks.

Operational simplicity.

With our ASP strategy, your end-of-day, month-end, and year-end processing requirements will become non-events as CU*NorthWest staff literally completes these processes for you. Eliminate worrying about how your single shift operator will support today’s 24 X 7 self-service product environment.

Peace of mind.

ASP helps you reduce the stress and worries associated with managing an internal system, enabling you to focus on what you do best — managing your credit union. This approach provides the perfect balance for promoting quality member service while ensuring a regular and consistent approach to data processing.

Minimal capital investment

When you select CU*BASE ASP Processing, you eliminate many up-front long-term capital expenditures often associated with In-House processing, such as equipment, software license fees, operations staff and more.

Future growth demands

Your ASP system will incorporate unlimited scalability for future growth demands, without the need to budget for or incur large capital outlays—eliminating traditional “at risk” IT investment expenses.

Eliminate technology obsolescence

As an ASP client, you will be able to roll out new member services quickly. Since the ASP pricing model is based upon a per transaction or member basis, you can eliminate large cash outlays needed to keep up with technology changes, and the financial risk of member indifference. All CU*BASE clients take advantage of system enhancements for no additional charge.

Disaster recovery & security:

When you choose ASP, you acquire an extensive, layered approach to ensuring optimum performance and security safeguards. Back up systems include transaction posting to redundant processing platforms (High Availability), on-site battery and generator back-up, contracted hot-site services, and Branch Sharing options for under $.025 per member month.