CU*BASE Core Processing

The core solution for your credit union

Enterprise processing with established links to third-party vendors.
     The signature CU*BASE system combines the processing power of a proven, feature-rich application with business logic and middleware standards designed to promote integration with third party systems. This open business philosophy empowers clients to expand into new, dynamic processes on a level rarely found with traditional packages.

Choose your environment: ASP or In-House Processing.
     Both models provide the same powerful enterprise processing capabilities for all size credit unions, so your decision can be based on environment preference, not functionality differences. Each environment provides high-speed link access to select business partners, virtual education and technical and client support services. You can always rely on our help managing data communications and network access, and a single delivery channel for services like online banking, A2A transfers, ATM/Debit card and online credit card offerings.

Reasonably priced state-of-the-art technology, in a feature-rich environment.
     The CU*BASE processing system is the core solution that provides the features and functionality that surpass those of “traditional” solutions, without the need for costly third party add-ons. The foundation of this environment relies on the IBM System i® for Business server and its fully integrated DB2 database. This system delivers industry-leading technology with unrivaled customer satisfaction at a very low cost of ownership. Tiered security levels and history of 99.9% uptime provide the perfect blend of features, functionality, and performance.

Affordable, powerful processing capabilities.

Member Service

  • Integrated e-receipt and photo ID capture, with options for complete electronic document management
  • A comprehensive cross sales system including sales trackers, marketing tips, talking points and procedures, enabling your staff to speak more intelligently to your members
  • Embedded member relationship tools including tiered member services, marketing clubs, and householding to better “know your members”
  • Robust training library including online help, and an interactive digital knowledge database available to staff via every CU*BASE screen


  • Dashboard–style pipeline tracking tool for instantly reviewing pending, booked, and denied loan applications as based upon delivery channel
  • Automated risk-based lending and decision modeling
  • Online collections module, tracking delinquencies, overline and negative balance accounts
  • Expanded functions for mortgage escrow analysis, student loan processing, and participation lending
  • Centralized underwriting enables you to work any loan from any workstation


  • Office Off Trial Balance (OTB) feature provides batch file upload/download to select third party vendors
  • Built-in regulatory compliance tools like AIRES downloads, OFAC, and FIDM
  • Online general ledger and accounts payable systems
  • Audit Tracker single menu option for performing internal audit processes


  • Automated 5300 Call Report tools included as standard
  • Array of fingertip data mining research tools such as Where Your Members Shop, & Where Your Members Borrow intended to easily extract and graphically present member data
  • ALM style forecasting tools as based upon live member data
  • Unique transaction analysis tools for better understanding members and non-members by age and membership relationship, providing built in member contact lists for targeted marketing opportunities
  • Powerful custom report tool designed to provide access to every CU*BASE data field