Piece by piece

CU*NorthWest brings the technical expertise and the insider credit union perspective to its conversion process so that your conversion goes smoothly.

We want you to have a successful conversion – one that your staff can embrace, your board can support, and you can get the most value from.   That is why we approach the conversion from both the inside and out.   As part of the CU*Northwest conversion process, we have developed a client advocacy program that provides you with the experience and expertise of credit union staffers who have made this conversion already, have become power users of tools and who are dedicated to merging your new tool with on-the-ground operating procedures that allow you to grow and prosper.

CU*Northwest conversion team.  Our conversion team includes a conversion leader, programmers, systems and networking specialists, and CU*NorthWest back office.  The conversion leader makes sure that all our internal operations are working toward your goals and deadlines.  The  conversion coordinator will be your main contact and will work closely with you and your staff to make sure that everything is ready to go and you have all the support you need to be successful in this transition to a new and powerful toolset.

For more information on our conversion process, download our conversion brochure.