It’s Me 247 Text Banking

Mobile Text Banking is currently available. Training and marketing materials will be available in December.

Mobile Text Banking documentation

Your members will appreciate the convenience of Mobile Text Banking.

  • Enrolled members can text message requests and receive text message replies on the available balance on accounts of enrolled memberships at any time.
  • They also can also select to have their e-Alerts, such as balance alerts, sent to their mobile devices in the form of a text message, giving them timely feedback when their available funds drop below a desired level.

Credit unions will appreciate fewer calls by members, asking about their available balance.

Credit unions can activate Mobile Text Banking themselves, without the assistance of a Client Services Representative. Fee configurations and waivers can be customized to meet the needs of the credit union. Credit unions can select to charge a monthly fee, an introductory fee and/or a fee for each text. Fees can be waived via standard fee waivers, as well as a waiver for active e-Statement enrollment. In the end the SMS program will have a per text message charge of $0.0325 per trip. Credit union is charged for outgoing texts only; both two-way balance requests and one-way text alerts cost $0.0325. Credit unions can use the Mobile Text Fee configuration to recoup the fee.