It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking

It’s Me 247 Mobile Web Banking is ready to go NOW…all you need to do is turn it on!  Members will automatically be redirected from the standard It’s Me 247 website when they navigate to online banking from their mobile device. Mobile Web Banking has a similar feature set as It’s Me 247, but with views optimized for web browsers on mobile devices, and slightly more advanced styling for the iPhone and Android based devices.

To help you market this to your members and encourage them to try it, once you activate Mobile Web Banking members will see a new “Try Mobile” link inside of It’s Me 247. This “mobile bridge” will help explain mobile banking to members and actually let them test drive mobile web banking using their live account. This style of mobile banking is an investment by CU*Answers and will be available to all CUs at no extra charge, covered under the monthly e-Commerce Fee. 

Take a Tour of the Member’s Experience
Check out what the members will experience when they use mobile banking. Watch this video of our mobile banking emulator which simulates the member’s experience when using mobile banking on an iPhone.

Online Banking Use Agreement
New language has been included in the Online Banking Use Agreement to expand the list of devices accessing It’s Me 247 that are covered in the Agreement.

Activating Mobile Web Banking
Refer to the Mobile Web Banking booklet for more information about the activation of Mobile Web Banking. This booklet also covers Mobile Banking features, such as EasyPay Powered by iPay for Mobile Web Banking, implemented with the 11.5 release.

Refer to the AnswerBook for more information about Mobile Web Banking features.