Each credit union has their own technology adoption lifecycle. Some are technology enthusiasts and visionaries while others are pragmatists. We believe the diversity and acceptance in our culture is what makes our cooperative special.

Our development programs are designed for visionaries who see a roadmap yet want to avoid going through the cycle of hiring, building, and sustaining a development team. The Core Development program provides the resources at cost with the understanding the idea is shared with the cooperative to help your peers compete within their community.

Program Options

Cooperative Funded

Every Client Owner can submit ideas for the leadership team to review. Each submission is weighted based on alignment with business strategy, value to the cooperative, and urgency. The leadership team reviews the top ideas and the correlated build cost. Once an idea or group of ideas are selected, the cost is equally split between all Client Owners.

Group Funded

The cooperative never turns down building critical functionality. In some cases, a subgroup of the cooperative may have a unique set of business needs. An estimate will be generated based on the group’s requirements and if approved, the cost will be shared between the group members.

Owner Funded

If a feature is a high priority to a single credit union, they can submit a request for a build quote with the opportunity to cover the entire cost in order to meet their strategic timeline.

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Once KBB integration was written down, we knew it was getting done. 
Heiri Garcia, CEO, Thinkwise Credit Union

Program Process

Collaboration Funded
Group Funded
Owner Funded