CUNW Education Catalog

Welcome to the 2018 Education Catalog, complete with classes, workshops and education events geared toward helping your staff learn more about CU*BASE and maximizing its use.  We are proud to
offer 17 new courses, three new webinar series, and five new special training

In addition to adding three new courses to our Imaging Solutions course category, we’re introducing three new course categories this year. Our Asterisk Intelligence category comprises six new courses designed to teach participants about the data-analytics and data-warehousing products we offer. Our Organizational Resource Development category offers five new courses related to human resources. Our Records & Information Management category includes two new courses that show participants how to develop an effective records management program.

Along with the courses we’re introducing in 2018 are three new webinar series. The Analytics Booth webinar series will teach participants the ins and outs of our Analytics Booth external data warehouse.  The Get Connected webinar series will help clients better understand the role of CU*Answers Management Services. Finally, the Learning Café webinar series will give participants the chance to learn about hot topics in the credit union industry while they enjoy lunch at their desk.

Courses and webinars aren’t the only new training opportunities we’re offering this year! We are proud to present five new special training events. The new Asterisk Intelligence Week will feature special training events and courses dedicated to guiding credit unions through the data-analytics and data-warehousing solutions that CU*Answers offers. During the new Xtend Early Bird Special Event, which will be held during Leadership week, Xtend clients will get the chance to hear from Xtend staff on their past successes and future direction. The new Lender*VP Week will condense all of our lending courses into one week for clients wishing to increase their lending expertise. The Sales & Marketing Week will give participants a chance to dedicate a weeklong timeframe to honing their sales and marketing knowledge. Topping off the list of new training events being offered this year is the Developers Help Desk, a new Executive Boot Camp event that will give participants the chance to work directly with our software developers on new projects in the pipeline.

If those do not cover your training needs, you can request customized training.

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