At CU*NorthWest we want to turn your credit union staff into CU*BASE experts.  That is why we have developed a two-tier training program based on relevance.  We believe in training that is relevant to what you are doing today, and what you need to learn and start doing tomorrow.  That is why we are offering client-driven classes that come right out of the CSR call queues, hot out of development and what is top of mind with our clients today.   Also, in order to have constant improvement for staff, it is important that they know the software for their job functions thoroughly and understand all the ins and outs.  For that we are offering function-specific, focused learning sessions that span a month and include practice and homework assignments relevant to your daily activity.


1. Client-Driven Classes

Each month we review the questions and issues that our clients bring to our Client Service Representatives, as well as the new products and services included in the latest release.  We then create timely and responsive classes to meet our credit unions’ needs.     Classes will be taught as needed the second Wednesday of each month.  Credit unions will be notified via an Education Alert email of the upcoming class content.

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2. Focused-Learning Months

We will schedule four focused-learning months that concentrate on a specific credit union function and how the CU*BASE software works.   The first week will be an introduction to the functional area and each subsequent week will delve deeper into the topic.  Homework will be assigned each week for skill mastery.  Details and sign-up information will be provided via Education Alert emails.  Classes  will be held via web conference each Wednesday of that month.

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3. Leadership Conference and Champions Workshops

Each year, CU*NorthWest hosts a two-day Leadership Conference to bring credit union leaders together as a collaborative group focused on our industry and our CUSO.   These sessions are an opportunity to review where we have been and chart our course for growth in the industry, as a network through our partnership, and as a CUSO.   Credit Union CEOs and senior staff have the opportunity to learn about developments in the software to help them run a smoother, smarter credit union with attention to what is on the horizon.

As part of the annual CU*NorthWest Leadership Conference, credit unions are also given the opportunity to champion an idea that has worked well in their credit union and has changed the way they do business.  This venue allows them to tell their peers about it.  These Champions Workshops bring collaboration, learning and excitement to all participants.

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4. CEO Strategies Week

Every fall CEO Strategies Week is comprised of two separate two and a half day sessions allowing CEOs to choose the session which best fits their schedules. The cost for attending the CEO Strategies Week sessions is free of charge.

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5. Regional Training Event

CU*NorthWest hosted a Regional Training Event on Compliance on September 25, 2014 lead by Audit Link. This event was held at the CU*NorthWest office in Liberty Lake, WA. Topics of discussions were the Regulatory Updated including IRR, Social Media Compliance and My Favorite Compliance Reports.

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6. Customized Training

If you are interested in customized training for your staff, either onsite or via web conference, let our CSR team know and we will design and bid a program tailored especially for you.

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7. Online University

CU Training Inc. was our first choice of vendors offering online campuses as they not only offer the same type of soft-skills content that we’ve always enjoyed, but they also offer a learning-management system with more credit union-specific controls. You’ll find fresh, new content developed by industry experts, plus you’ll be able to track your staff’s progress, award them certificates of completion, and design individual development plans. All courses are available to any employee of your credit union, from any CU*BASE terminal, at no charge.

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8. CU*Answers

CU*Answers also recognizes the versatility within learning styles, and is proud to offer different venues to accommodate the educational preferences of our clients. They continue to provide five full weeks of classes in a combination of classroom training and web conferences. Other university classes are integrated into their education schedule throughout the year. Other supplemental education is provided during the year in the form of focus groups, special events, and workshops. Some are scheduled in advance as part of CU*Answers University and are found listed on the CU*Answers Website and in your Education Catalog. Classes in these venues cover industry-specific topics, regulation and compliance, marketing channels, collections, and your lending factory, just to name a few. To Register for a CU*Answers course please go to

9. CU*Answers OnDemand

The CU*Answers OnDemand site is a growing library of CU*BASE training, special events, and multi-media presentations provided at no charge. To access the OnDemand site, go to No registration or special login is required. Over 100 items are posted on the site, ranging from CU*BASE training to informative regulatory-compliance reviews. The OnDemand site has hours of instruction available anywhere you have an Internet connection.