Disaster Recovery and Audits

HA Disaster Recovery Roll-Over Tests

Site-Four is a CUSO located in Yankton, SD.  Site-Four provides production processing, real time data replication (HA) and redundant communications to third party networks for the CU*NorthWest, CU*South and the Services Center FCU CUSOs.

The production server for the three CUSOs is located at Site-Four in Yankton, SD.  The disaster recovery server for these CUSOs is located in Grand Rapids, MI.  As the provider of HA services for these CUSOs, Site-Four performs periodic disaster recovery HA roll-over tests.  These tests involve reversing the roles of the production and disaster recovery servers.  Thus, when a roll-over is done, the production server in Yankton, SD becomes the disaster recovery server and the disaster recovery server in Grand Rapids, MI becomes the production server.  During disaster recovery tests, redundant communication switches are also either rolled from Site-Four to the server in WA or they are backhauled to the server in WA.

Site-Four conducts HA roll-over disaster recovery tests on a semi-annual basis.  These tests involve credit union participation in the testing process.  Any issues encountered during a roll-over test are thoroughly documented and resolved prior to the next scheduled test.