CU*BASE Reference

This section lists topical reference booklets, each covering a specific area of the CU*BASE system. In addition to the information that’s in our online help, these documents are another great way to get up to speed on a new CU*BASE tool or application. Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out these other related locations:
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Letter Updated Title Publication Date
AA2A Features Overview Brochure01/26/2021
AAIRES File Request & Authorization Form
Use this if you want help creating your AIRES files and sending them to your CEO or examiner.
AAIRES and CU*BASE10/18/2019
AALM Downloads08/31/2020
AATM Surcharge and Service Charge Rebates07/10/2020
AUpdatedATM/Debit User Guide10/01/2021
AAbnormal Activity Monitoring04/07/2021
AAccount-to-Account (A2A) Transfers User Guide01/26/2021
AAccrual Verification Handbook03/17/2017
AAdjusting for 90 Day Delinquency03/17/2017
AAllied IQQ Integration Reference Guide04/24/2020
AArchview Help01/24/2020
AAsset Verification Service Agreement - Wisconsin03/17/2017
AAssociated Applications03/01/2019
AAsterisk Intelligence: Data Warehouses03/29/2019
AAudit Tracker03/17/2017
AAuditing Employee Access to CU*BASE Tools / Data Center Employee Security03/17/2017
AUpdatedAutomated Deposit Holds
Looking for "Electronic Deposit Holds"? This is the booklet you want!
AAutomated Funds Transfer/Check Funds Transfer08/06/2018
AUpdatedAutomated Non-Returns10/06/2021
AAutomated Reports and Queries05/21/2021
AAvailable ACH Transaction Options with CU*Answers02/12/2021
AConfiguring Tools for Accounts Payable11/06/2020
APosting and Settling Prior Date ACH Transactions03/29/2021
AUsing the Answer Book03/17/2017
BBalancing Act of Managing Your Cash Inventory03/17/2017
BBalancing Made Easy10/19/2018
BUpdatedBank Secrecy Act (BSA) Monitoring Tools10/06/2021
BBankruptcy Tools02/15/2019
BBudgeting with CU*BASE05/28/2019
BBump Rate Certificates03/17/2017
BNew Branch Form02/20/2018
BOnline Ballots12/17/2019
BUsing the Member Branch Reassignment Tool01/22/2019
C5300 Call Report Brochure03/17/2017
C5300 Call Report Upload Steps10/09/2020
C5300 Call Report and CU*BASE Tools07/01/2021
CCASS Certification Procedures10/18/2019
CCD Secured Loans07/29/2021
CUpdatedCLR Path Decision Advisor10/01/2021
CCOOP Shared Branching at the Teller Line06/25/2018
CCPI Force-Placed Insurance07/10/2020
CCTR Automated Uploads to FINCEN01/18/2018
CCU*BASE Calculations for Insurance and Debt Protection03/17/2017
CCU*BASE Customer Master Database Information (for Online Clients)04/09/2018
CCU*BASE and Compromised Cards07/14/2020
CCU*CD User Guide: Viewing Reports and Statements on CD-ROM03/17/2017
CCU*SPY E-Statements and Online Reports03/17/2017
CCU*TALK Audio Response: Introductory/Startup Guide07/27/2020
CCU*TALK Change Request: Configuration03/17/2017
CCU*TALK Change Request: Rate Messages03/17/2017
CCU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form07/23/2021
CCUNA Protection Advisor Integration 08/08/2019
CCard Activity Rebates (CAR)07/13/2018
CCard Controls User Guide08/22/2018
CUpdatedCertificate Forms10/06/2021
CCertificate Variable Rates03/17/2017
CCharge Off Savings/Checking Accounts03/18/2019
CCheck Ordering10/18/2019
CClub Account Processing07/28/2020
CCollateral: Tools for Tracking Property Securing Loans10/19/2018
CCommunication with Members01/14/2020
CConcentration Risk Analysis12/07/2017
CConfiguring Tools for Accounts Payable11/06/2020
CConfiguring Tools for Collections08/14/2020
CConverting Checking Accounts11/24/2020
CConverting Your Back Office03/17/2017
CCredit Card Promotions Guide05/21/2021
CCredit Cards: Configuration Guide03/17/2017
CUpdatedCredit Cards: User Guide10/01/2021
CCredit Scores in Online Banking 11/23/2018
CCross-Selling and Next Suggested Product12/07/2017
CHow Check Holds Work11/26/2019
CHow to Tracker from Cross Sales03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (2): Configuring 247 Lender and the Approval Matrix11/06/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (3): User Guide11/10/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access and 247 Lender (4): Understanding the Portfolio Defense SAVANT Credit Scoring Model03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access and FUEL (1) Introductory and Startup Guide (247 Lender) 11/06/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access and FUEL (1) Introductory and Startup Guide (FUEL)11/06/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access and FUEL (2) Configuring FUEL and the Approval Matrix11/06/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access and FUEL (3) User Guide 11/10/2020
COnline Credit Bureau Access: 247 Lender Setup Form03/17/2017
COnline Credit Bureau Access: Setup Form11/15/2017
CPrincipal Distribution Certificates03/17/2017
DUpdatedATM/Debit User Guide10/01/2021
DAsterisk Intelligence: Data Warehouses03/29/2019
DUpdatedAutomated Deposit Holds
Looking for "Electronic Deposit Holds"? This is the booklet you want!
DCU*BASE Leadership Dashboards10/19/2018
DCU*BASE Management Dashboards03/17/2017
DData Archival Options Form03/17/2017
DDebit Card Round Up02/08/2021
DDefense DB: Database Encryption for Self-Processors
Introductory flyer, for our Self Processing Credit Union Partners
DDefense MD: Encrypted Tape Backups for Self Processors
User Guide
DDefense MD: Encrypted Tape Backups for Self-Processors
Introductory flyer, for our Self Processing Credit Union Partners
DDividend Donations: Starting a Program for Your Members03/17/2017
DDocumentation: Visit Tricks of the Trade
DDormancy and Escheat Monitoring10/18/2019
DDownloading Financial Statements to Excel01/17/2020
DImporting Transaction Files and Posting Them Via Direct Mail06/21/2019
DMember Service Denial Notices03/17/2017
DMy Favorite Dashboards and Reports and CU*SPY Daily Reports
DSelf-directed Data Floods 10/18/2019
EEffective Dating for Member Transactions03/01/2019
EEmployee Security Audit03/12/2021
EUpdatedEscrow Processing with CU*BASE10/01/2021
EGetting Started with E-Statements11/15/2017
EWrong Email Addresses - Automated Management of Wrong Email Addresses03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Electronic Documents Strategies and Solutions
Ee-Documents: Electronic Photo ID Capture User Guide03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Electronic Receipts User Guide03/17/2017
Ee-Documents: Quick Reference Guide03/17/2017
FCU*BASE and the FFIEC Supplement08/06/2018
FFIDM Configuration Files for Self-Processors
These are files within a Zip archive
FFee Options with CU*BASE03/17/2017
FFile Transfers: Downloading Data from iSeries to PC07/15/2020
FFinancial Institutions Data Match (FIDM) Act: Compliance for CU*BASE Credit Unions08/24/2020
FFlex Loans07/16/2020
FUpdatedFraud Block Lists - Supplemental Guide10/06/2021
FFrost VisualGAP Integration 08/08/2019
FHow to Work with Member Follow-ups05/19/2017
FMember Self Service Fees03/17/2017
FRunning a FinCEN 314(a) Scan Against Your CU*BASE Database05/21/2019
FSelf-directed Data Floods 10/18/2019
GGender Generator Brochure03/17/2017
GGeneral Ledger Balancing Tools03/17/2017
GHow to Install CU*BASE GOLD03/17/2017
GImporting Transaction Files to the General Ledger06/21/2019
HHealth Savings Accounts (HSAs)10/18/2019
HHousehold & Member Statistics12/07/2017
HHow File Uploads Work01/18/2021
IBizLink247 Business Online Banking Guide02/12/2021
IBizLink247 User Permissions Form02/12/2021
ICU*Answers Item Processing Manual03/17/2017
ICU*TALK and It's Me 247 New Client Setup Form07/23/2021
A Comprehensive Support Plan for our Self Processing Credit Union Partners
IIRA Processing01/14/2020
IImporting a List of Prospective Member Names into the CU*BASE Pending Membership Applications Database06/21/2019
IIndirect Lending: Ready to Book
Ready to Book LOS Integration: Third-party Loan Origination
IIndirect Lending: Ready to Look 11/06/2020
IInstant Card Issue03/17/2017
IIntegration Manager User Guide08/04/2020
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (Fiserv Builder) Product Overview and User Guide11/10/2020
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (Payveris) Product Overview and User Guide08/24/2020
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay (iPay) Product Overview and User Guide11/10/2020
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay Feature Comparison03/17/2017
IIt's Me 247 Bill Pay powered by iPay Brochure03/17/2017
IUpdatedIt's Me 247 Configuration Change Request Form10/04/2021
IIt's Me 247 P2P User Guide 11/10/2020
IMortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans03/17/2017
KKnowing Your Members: CU*BASE Relationship Management Tools02/08/2021
LBig-Picture Planning for Your Loan Configurations10/02/2017
LConfiguring Tools for Your Loan Team03/29/2021
LLaser Printing with CU*BASE08/13/2020
LLease Loan Tools03/17/2017
LLeaving Special Messages for Online Banking and Audio Response09/07/2021
LLoan Interest Calculation: "360/365 Daily Interest"03/17/2017
LLoan Participation Settlement Procedures05/20/2019
LLoan Statement Notices12/19/2019
LUpdatedOpenLending Loans10/01/2021
MCU*BASE Management Dashboards03/17/2017
MMACO: Multi-Authentication Convenience Options 08/06/2018
MMAP: Applying for a Membership Online08/10/2017
MMLA Workflow and Procedures03/17/2017
MMOP: Demystifying Compliance and Risk Management06/30/2021
MMOP: Opening a Membership Online06/30/2021
MMarketing Campaigns with Member Connect10/19/2018
MMarketing Clubs: Configuration, Benefits and Enrollment07/28/2020
MMember Demographics12/07/2017
MMicrofiche Statement Copy Request03/17/2017
MMiscellaneous Advances03/17/2017
MMiscellaneous Member Account Forms11/06/2020
MMobile App Banking with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)10/27/2020
MMobile App Card Controls 11/22/2019
MUpdatedMobile Text Banking10/01/2021
MMobile Web Banking06/30/2021
MMonth-End Processing Verifications10/10/2019
MMortgage Products: 360-Day Interest Calculation03/17/2021
MMortgage Products: Data Capture for Mortgage Closing Forms03/17/2017
MMortgage Products: Interest Payment Only Loans03/17/2017
MMy Favorite CU*BASE Daily Reports
Interested in more reports? Check out the Special Interest Documentation page!
MView Web Services Mobile Web Banking Information
Refer to Web Services Announcement and Flyer (For Members)
NImplementing Your Credit Union's Name Change11/12/2020
NMember Notices: Configuring and Printing CU-Defined Notices and e-Notices05/21/2021
NNCUA Share Insurance04/23/2020
NNetwork Community Controls01/15/2020
NNetworking Credit Unions for Growth
A discussion of CU*BASE Multi-Corporate Processing and Other CU Networking Options
NNon-Member Teller Services05/12/2021
O1Click Offers05/24/2021
ODownloading OFAC File Lists for the CU*BASE Data Match System08/07/2019
OOFAC Configuration Files for Self-Processors
These are files within a .zip archive.
OUpdatedOpenLending Loans10/01/2021
OOpt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering08/08/2019
OOutstanding Loan Recap - Managing your Concentration Risk03/17/2017
OStatement Onsert Brochure03/17/2017
OTracking "Off Trial Balance" (OTB) Products with CU*BASE11/12/2020
OUsing the CU*BASE Data Match System for OFAC Compliance07/10/2020
OView Online Banking Documentation
PHow To Install ProDoc (CU*Answers ASP)03/17/2017
PLoan Participation Settlement Procedures05/20/2019
PNew CU*BASE Printer Configuration Request03/17/2017
PPIB Rollout Strategies03/17/2017
PPIB: Configuration/User Guide05/14/2019
PPackaging Loans for Sale: Managing your Concentration Risk03/17/2017
PParticipation Lending: FHLB Secondary Market Loan Servicing05/20/2019
PParticipation Lending: Fannie Mae Secondary Market Loan Servicing05/20/2019
PParticipation Lending: Freddie Mac Secondary Market Loan Servicing05/20/2019
PParticipation Lending: Standard 365 Loans and Other Loans01/20/2020
PPayment Reversals/Adjustments01/24/2020
PPositive Pay02/11/2021
PPrivacy Controls12/19/2019
PPrivate Contacts01/21/2021
QQualiFile (ChexSystems) Risk Assessment Scans03/17/2017
QQualified Dividends05/24/2021
QQuicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Brochure/Pricing05/14/2019
QQuicken/QuickBooks Downloads from Online Banking - Signup Form02/20/2018
RDownloading Data from CU*BASE to Raddon03/17/2017
RMy Favorite CU*BASE Daily Reports
Interested in more reports? Check out the Special Interest Documentation page!
ROpt In/Opt Out (Reg E) - Managing Your Offering08/08/2019
RPosting Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Checks to CU*BASE02/03/2020
RReissuing Cards11/12/2020
RReport Builder03/17/2017
SUpdatedMember Elected Loan Skip-a-Payment10/01/2021
SMember Selected Printed Statement Styles05/03/2019
SUpdatedPeriodic Mortgage Statements10/01/2021
SSales Tracker01/31/2019
SSee/Jump Controls06/30/2021
SSelective Marketing through Printed Statements03/17/2017
SSelling Products Online03/17/2017
SShare Bonus Dividend/Loan Interest Rebate Programs01/14/2020
SShare Dividend Payment Options10/18/2019
SUpdatedSkip-a-Payment for Online Credit Cards10/01/2021
SSmart Messages06/30/2021
SStand-In Processing03/17/2017
SStandards for Social Security Numbers03/17/2017
SStandards for Social Security Numbers in New Client Conversions03/17/2017
SStatement Insert Packaging & Labeling Instructions03/17/2017
SStatement Insert Requirements03/17/2017
SStatement Mail Groups03/17/2017
SStatement Onsert Brochure03/17/2017
SStatement Printing & Mailing Instructions03/17/2017
SStatement Processing & Verification Tasks
For CU*BASE Data Centers and Self-Processing Credit Union Partners
SSunday Processing Request Form03/17/2017
STracking Savings Bond Redemption Activity with CU*BASE03/17/2017
SUsing the CU*BASE Member Survey03/17/2017
THow To Install Epson Thermal Printers (Carswell)03/17/2017
THow To Install Epson Thermal Printers (TM-T88IV USB)03/17/2017
TSetting up and Maintaining a Training Library
For our Self Processing Credit Union Partners
TTILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)03/17/2017
TTeller & Cash Activity Analysis Tools12/07/2017
TTeller Transaction Monitoring03/17/2017
TTiered Service Levels - Implementation Guide06/30/2021
TUsing TCDs/TCRs with CU*BASE10/18/2019
VUpdatedVariable Rate Loan Products10/01/2021
VVault Manager03/17/2017
WNew CU*BASE Workstation Configuration Request03/17/2017
WWire Transfers in CU*BASE11/10/2020
WWrite-Off/Charge-Off Tools07/19/2021
XUpdatedXtend Shared Branching10/27/2021
YUpdatedYear-End Processing Guide Supplement: 1042-S Tax Forms10/27/2021
YUpdatedYear-End Processing Guide: Online Credit Unions10/27/2021
YUpdatedYear-End Processing Guide: Self-Processing Credit Unions10/27/2021
YUpdatedYear-End Tax Forms Archival Instructions: Self Processing10/27/2021
ZCreating Zero-Dollar Transactions in CU*BASE03/17/2017