Card Services

Increase income, enhance member relationships

Providing a complete service level and enhanced processing experience.
The CU*BASE application supports a number of interface options between your credit union and card service providers. You get a variety of connectivity options to all major regional national networks, plus your credit union can combine its ATM/debit card as a single card or offer them separately.

Integrated tools designed to extend your line-of-credit programs.
The CU*BASE online credit card servicing package embeds credit card servicing and income features into the teller line, phone centers, online banking, and all member contact points. Drastically reduce 3rd party fees by 40-70%, and include credit card statements with regular statements, providing additional postage savings. Features like 2,997 fee-free promotional buckets, instant rate management, and online card inquiry access will give your credit union the missing variable in bringing credit card products close to home.

Enabling you to link to select third party providers.
The CU*NorthWest Off Trial Balance (OTB) product provides secure data connectivity to select third parties, such as credit card companies, investment firms, and mortgage companies. Utilizing the OTB product allows your credit union to promote a more complete service level and an enhanced processing experience for your members.
Critical to relationship management is a complete picture of the credit union member relationship. CU*BASE takes key information about these credit union relationships and brings it to the core of the CU*BASE database. With this information quickly available to everyone on the credit union staff, your members will recognize these extended services as credit union services, not just a vendor or brokered service.

Card Services Highlights—


  • EMV is fraud-protection technology by which a microchip is embedded in ATM, debit, and credit cards. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa – the three companies that developed the technology, is part of a global initiative to combat fraud and protect sensitive card data. Widely used in Europe and soon to be used in the US, EMV technology has proven to reduce fraud losses from card-present transactions.
  • Staying on Track with Europay
  • Staying on Track with Europay-8.2.15
  • Staying_on_Track_with_EMV

Online Credit Card Servicing

  • Member e-Statement and online banking transaction
    history retrieval
  • Cut 3rd party fees by an average of 40-70%
  • No up-front module pricing,— tools are included as
    standard within CU*BASE
  • 2,997 fee-free promotional buckets, and instant rate management
  • Mailed statements included in same envelope as regular statements, providing additional postage savings

ATM/debit Services

  • Instant card issue features for maximizing member service
  • Low cost interface to major networks
  • Combined ATM/debit (single card) availability
  • Online batch (PBF balance upload, Negative File) network interface options
  • Signature and PIN-based transaction support
  • Card account summary information provided to every CU*BASE device
  • Routinely monitored and secure networked ATM transactions for ASP clients
  • Secured funds inquiry features

Third Party Processing (OTB)

  • Multiple credit card vendor communication options supported (e.g. PEMCO, FIS, PSCU, and more)
  • Daily batch transaction uploads delivered to processors via the CU*BASE off trial balance (OTB) solution
  • Features to automatically populate CU*BASE files via OTB downloads received from card processor

Additional Credit Card Service Features

  • Separate CU*BASE account suffixes available for each credit card type, providing increased member transaction posting flexibility
  • Credit card payments provided via all CU*BASE teller and self-service products
  • Cash advances, including member laser checks