Return On Investment

See the value of your ROI

The backbone of CU*NorthWest’s vendor model is the concept that R&D is a function of credit union investment, not credit union invoice. Credit unions enjoy the benefits of ownership by providing capital funding for the research and development of new products and capabilities. Credit unions earn income on their investment throughout the development of new solutions. This shared R&D investment reduces the risk of new technologies.

During the implementation of these new solutions, credit unions benefit again from their investment by avoiding large up-front invoices for new services. For example, when many credit unions were spending more than $50,000 up front for home banking solutions, our  credit unions jumped into the Internet marketplace with no money down and low transaction fees.

Today, our credit unions are able to develop shared banking relationships free of software costs, fees and without individual certification.  Our FSCC shared branching investment means immediate value to all our credit unions across the full network.