Our Principles

The guiding principles and motivations of those with whom you do business is important. Owned exclusively by those we serve, we are consistently focused on providing increased value for our clients—not simply driving big bottom lines for the benefit of a few.

Below are some key concepts that drive us:

No ‘Private Hands’ — Credit Unions own CU*NorthWest as well as the CU*BASE core processing solution. We work to insure as few dollars as possible leave the credit union industry. We actively work to keep “private hands” out of the money. An invoice is then a function of investing in credit unions NOT in a public or privately held business.

No Weighted Ownership — We believe credit unions of all sizes are important—just as every member is important regardless of their balance. We mirror these values in our approach to CUSO ownership—one owner / one vote.

Low / No Barriers to Entry — Whenever possible we work to insure our pricing is designed to allow every credit union the ability to offer leading edge products and services without the risk of big upfront investment (i.e zero upfront cost to offer bill pay, mobile banking, national shared branching, etc).

Cooperation as a Strategy — Collaboration and cooperation is at the core of credit union values historically. We believe cooperative/collaborative business strategies between credit unions and CUSO’s is a key to success in today’s world and work to develop tools and services in support of a “networked business” mentality.

Integration NOT Interface — The nationally deployed core processing solution suite—CU*BASE is designed as an integrated solution and not interfaced components. This provides for unparalleled stability and seamless coordination between various product components.

It’s Your Credit Union — Nobody understands your members better than you. We provide a rich “palette” of tools and services for you to harness to best meet your members needs in the most cost effective manner possible.