Credit Union Owned

Big or small, each owner has an equal vote and equal voice.

Credit Unions were founded on the guiding principle of “one owner – one vote.”  The same is true at CU*NorthWest.  The amount of money a member has in the credit union does not give that member a louder voice or a stronger voting proxy.

We believe all – large and small — credit unions are important. Frankly, we believe the concept of large or small should be erased from credit union thinking.  A sense of identity on the part of the credit union is far more important and providing value to the member every day is what makes the difference.  There is room for many different kinds of credit unions – size doesn’t matter here.  At CU*NorthWest, all credit unions are equal as owners – just like your members.

We believe that being vested as a customer is a pre-requisite for ownership and is a critical component for successful governance.  At CU*NorthWest, you must be a core processing customer in order to own stock in the CUSO.  Ownership is a chance to participate in directing the company and having a frame of reference as a client is critical for this task.

Although you must be a client to be an owner, it is not true going the other direction.  We believe any credit union should have access to what we offer whether they are necessarily interested in investing as an owner or not.

This CUSO model means that the people who are leading are the same people who own and participate as partners. We tap the talent in the credit unions to guide and lead CU*NorthWest to meet our credit unions every day needs efficiently, effectively and successfully.

Our Board of Directors consists of six member/owner credit union CEOs, plus a Representative of CU*Answers.