A Powerful Network

You need a network…with CU*NorthWest, you have one.

CU*NorthWest’s unique partnership between the member/owner credit unions and its vendor/partner CU*Answers demonstrates the very best in what cooperatives have to offer. As a member/owner you will benefit further from the CUSO model by developing strategic businesses alliances, integration, and the ability to deliver new products to market faster.

CU*NorthWest regularly uses its alliance with the cuasterisk.com network of partners to gain considerable buying leverage to secure favorable pricing agreements with third party vendors. These savings are passed directly to clients through discounted rates, and the elimination of large capital outlays. Investment versus invoice is a guiding CU*NorthWest principle. CU*NorthWest maintains a close working relationship with other cuasterisk.com partner CUSO’s and leverages a shared best practice approach to aggregate resources on a larger scale.

Choose from a menu of popular services provided by an established network of member/partners, then roll out your choices when timing and budget permits. Choosing the cuasterisk.com network assures you of offering high value services, from proven business partners, without the need to manage multiple vendor relationships. Over 600 credit unions enjoy the power of the cuasterisk.com network.