About CU*NorthWest

A Focus on Utilization… CU*NorthWest is an extension of the credit union staff, with the same goals, strategic challenges and focus as credit union professionals.

The Value of Patronage… From receptionist to CEO, our goal is that every credit union staff member becomes a power user.

Be the Best You Can Be… Working with credit unions, examiners, auditors and industry professional we ensure that our solutions pass the test.

First to Implement…
 Working with all CU*NorthWest clients to move them to new strategies and offerings.

Return on Investment… Credit unions enjoy the benefits of ownership and earn income on their investment throughout the development of new CU*Northwest solutions.

Guaranteeing the Difference… The CU*NorthWest model is about challenging the solutions, both technical and human; to clearly separate our efforts from other credit union alternatives.